The copper does it departs some noble metals and its use and I recycle they are millennial. The principal world reserves of copper are in the United States, Chile, Peru', Japan, Russia, Canada, Sweden, Spain, Yugoslavia and Mexico. Enough poor Italy of mineral of copper and, as it regards Sardinia, very important they were the mines of Gadoni (Funtana Raminosa), from which, perhaps, the coppersmiths isilesis were also furnished.
The Mineral extracts, after a process of enrichment it's sent to the metallurgical industries and here turned into ingots, bars or pig copper through the fusion.
To this point copper bread suffers, in the foundry, a treatment to the hydraulic maul. It deals with a beating that transforms the pig copper in "arramini in branch", that is' in the intermediate from which then begins the intervention of the coppersmith in the shop.
The handicraft realization of the manufactured articles in copper includes a series of phases and subphases. Objects, explanations and images explain the procedure
The decoration and' this' that it adds value to the object. In past you/he/she was done only on commission. It requires a lot of it trains' and experience, is realized through the hammering and the use of different anvils to auction with heads of different form (staccas).
The battery in copper was purchased in forecast of the marriage and course by his/her/their bride in the new house. It represented a symbol of social prestige and you/he/she was exposed with pride.
Characteristic of the houses of Isili and', in fact, the exposure of the battery in copper in the walls of the kitchen according to a precise order. With the advent of the objects in aluminum, plastics and iron enamel, him and' assisted to the gradual change of function of the manufactured articles in copper that you/they have assumed a predominantly decorative and ornamental value.
To some objects particular care reserves him in the decoration, as in the braziers and in you stamp him for sweets; others are rarely decorated instead, as in the case of the pots (pingiadas).
The Caldaio, one of the more' great manufactured articles in copper, represented an important tool for shepherds and agriculturists; it was used for the workmanship of the cheese, of the ricotta, over that for employments to domestic character as the dye of the wools for the weaving, the laundry, the cooking of foods. In this room and' present, besides, a series of objects employed in the life sour pastoral, as you basket in rush for the ricotta, knives of reed, curing for the cheese and others.

The wheelbarrow of the itinerant retailer ("On Piscaggiaiu")

Artisan to the work while he is working a manufactured article in copper. Also this workmanship, even though with great difficulties, he is handed down of father in child.

Artisan to the work while he is working a manufactured article in copper. Visible the particular anvil with which he works the copper and one of the so many hammers used in the workmanship