Many of you that are found to visit this site, will be asking why it's exist. It is a homage that I think is rightful to do to the country that has given the native to me and where I live. A country whose ancient origins of Albanian "Colony", have not been you ever valorize; the uses and customs, have been stamped on and forgotten by the same inhabitants, and course of the centuries colonized. I would like therefore, also with the help of all those people that they own historical news, traditions, customs, etc. to give again to my country it's original physiognomy, alone even if on these pages. You because by now it is not more possible to let relive what, we has lost. In all the nations the ethnic minorities, are object of special laws and facilitations for nothing of the past to goes be lost.
For Campomarino, this has never happened, the ancient Albanian is by now an unknown language to the new generations, only some elderly, pronunciation still words in the ancient language. Of the uses and customs, it doesn't have more memory.
The few persons that posseggono given historical on Campomarino, they guard them jealously, as trophies and they don't make anything make her public and notes to everybody. I would like to this point to turn a particular thanks to the theacher Pasquale D.G., to Mrs. Silvana D.C. to Xanino M. for everything that until today they has done, to my friend Giuseppe Marini. for his personnel initiative to have created the first site on Campomarino, and particularly on the history of the fields of aviation of the II world war present on the territory of Campomarino, to Liliana Corfiati. that with her tied up painting to her roots, she is letting know of Campomarino perhaps the most beautiful part. A thanks anticipated to all those people that will want with their contribution to help me to make this site rich and more and more complete in data.

Giovanni Chimisso


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