The today's Campomarino town is located on a small spur to the right of the mouth of the river Bifeno to (52 m s.m.) that it finishes with an appendix that is leaned out on the sea on a surface of 76,3 Km2 and with 5850 inhabitants said campomarinesis. 
Toward north; anciently, the greatest part of the inhabited area had assembled you, in epoch medieval. 
The southern limit of the old " Campomarino ", was marked from the road center of the road SS. Adriatic 16, that, before the construction of the actual variation in valley of the town, it crossed in the inhabited center, to continue verse New Cliternia and Serracapriola. 
The today's town is stretched toward midday between her old government road 16 and the road for Portocannone, with an urban fabric and a viability to rectangular schemes. The town, was once a malarial zone for the stagnation of the waters in the low zone, where today the actual Campomarino Lido rises. 
Toward south, note a slope that climbs toward the first relieves of the Apennines Molisano, rich of cultivations, between which, more abundant, the olives, the wheat, the vineyards, orchards and expanses of sunflower or sugar beets. 
To east an ample lowland is opened that arrives up to the river Fortore, between the Adriatic sea and the hills of Chieuti and Serracapriola. 
To west, after the river Biferno, (the ancient " Tifernus ", that after the construction of the dike of the Liscione to around 18 kilometers you has lost a lot awry of his course in the last part of his run in proximity of the mouth,) the spur is perceived on which Termoli rises. 
To north finally, the vast blue and uncontaminated expanse of the Adriatic sea; where to brief distance the islands Tremiti can be perceived, of which in the clear days and full of sun you can be perceived the houses even. 
To few less than a kilometer,

Panoramic view of Campomarino country stopping by the underlying SS. 16 adriatic

Sees panning of the actual Campomarino Lido, good place for a calm summer vacation

View of the beach of Campomarino beach with some infrastructures and relative beaches.